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Obviously you see the sarcasm in my blog name. This blog is about teaching the love of the game, the skills of the game and hopefully open some eyes to the crazy parents that think they can push their kid into becoming a star only to have the opposite happen or be the limiting factor in their kids hockey development. Remember, if you turn hockey from a game into a job, then all is lost and kids will drop out either physically or mentally.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comments and Followers Needed.

I am more than willing to answer questions or talk about specific topics by request.
Comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. pictures and videos add to the attreaction of blog sites and you get hits...label the titles popular too like crosby's goal or save...
    you catch surfers that way.
    Get a picture on the front page too some people google pictures look up the most popular hits in views in the browser and bam put that on your cover.