A blog dedicated to the fact you cannot make an NHLer,

Obviously you see the sarcasm in my blog name. This blog is about teaching the love of the game, the skills of the game and hopefully open some eyes to the crazy parents that think they can push their kid into becoming a star only to have the opposite happen or be the limiting factor in their kids hockey development. Remember, if you turn hockey from a game into a job, then all is lost and kids will drop out either physically or mentally.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's coming up in future posts!!!

Here are a couple of posts I am working on :

  1. Hockey in California, good place to develop as a hockey player???
  2. Successful Coach + Good Players = Not make the playoffs, HOW ???
  3. Hockey sense, can it be taught?
  4. What separates good from great players? How can Crosby, Eberle seem to be in the right place at the right time??? My take.
  5. Kinetic Linking??? If this is so relevant to hockey how can come I never have heard about it before.

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